Mission & Vision

Distance and limited knowledge of the person you are talking to lead to slow and often confusing procedures. This translates into failed sales deals and missed opportunities. However, if opportunities were handled in a timely and safe manner, earnings for each industry player would rise exponentially

Raw and secondary raw material business professionals are more than just entrepreneurs - they are heroes who dramatically reduce wastage and in turn contribute to resource optimization for themselves, their business and even the world as a whole.

This is where EasyscrApp comes into play: this platform helps get the maximum results with the minimum effort while ensuring an unparalleled service through state-of-the- art technology that makes business life safer, easier and more profitable.

By virtue of this distance-nullifying tool, a strong and close-knit network of professionals will be built that will bring about long-term, solid and fruitful business partnerships.

In the firm belief that a successful undertaking emerges out of refined simplicity, great efforts were made to generate as intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward a tool as possible.


The EasyscrApp Portal is a virtual marketplace specifically designed to transact direct and tailored business within the scope of the ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic commodity trade.

This is not just any virtual marketplace – this is an innovative, comprehensive, highly customisable tool that enables its users to set up their own virtual office and transact business safely, anytime, anywhere.

Industry-related news, market trends, deferred LME graphics and sea or road freight rates are featured on dedicated pages.


You are part of a pioneering project that revolves around a transactional and information system specifically geared at serving the needs of metal and plastic scrap recycling professionals

Scrap metal or scrap plastics end users; recyclable metal, non-metal and plastics waste & scrap generators; recycling facilities, traders and indenters. You are one of us. 

If you are a carrier, a freight forwarding company; if you offer logistics services - i.e. road transport, sea freight, rail transport -,  or  provide assistance with customs clearance procedures and freight-related matters - you are one of us, too.

Our Team

This platform is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur with years of international scrap metal trading and recycling experience under his belt. He is founder and manager of several scrap metal recycling companies.

The deep understanding of the industry developed over the years, coupled with his natural flair for spotting the key industry players’ ever-evolving needs, enabled him to translate his ideas into reality - which led to creating a powerful, ingenious and resourceful tool: the EasyscrApp Portal - the most advanced virtual lead, sales and order management platform.

The purpose of this platform is to connect global scrap metal and scrap plastics sellers, buyers, manufacturers, distributors and traders quickly and cost effectively.